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Flora, Fauna, Persona

the art & writing of Desirée Isphording

a Pale Doe through the Veil
21 September 1983
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Another sort there be, that will
Be talking of the Fairies still;
Nor never can they have their fill,
As they were wedded to them.
- Drayton

Von den Elben
Wird Mancher mann bezaubert.
Mich entzünden ihre hellen Augen,
Ihre Schönheit, ihre Würde,
So daß mein ganzer Körper
vor wonne Zergeht.
{Some are spellbound by elves.
I myself am inflamed by their bright eyes,
their magnificence, their dignity,
so much so that my whole body
melts in delight}

- Heinrich von Morungen

"Only in the artist is this duplicity more or less acceptable, perhaps because beauty is one attribute shared in common by God and the Devil, because devotion to the beautiful, as distinct from the good and the true, seems to make one a human being who is not altogether serious - neither man nor devil but some kind of elf consigned in the Day of Judgment neither to heaven nor hell but to the limbo of souls"
- Alan Watts

{I'm tending not to update this journal as much as I should. Instead the updates are occurring over at my corresponding Blogspot journal: www.DesireeIsphording.blogspot.com}

I am a 25 year old artist living in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. I love to create artwork in various media: traditional 2d drawings and paintings, jewelry, leather craft, small sculpture, etc. and I'm always looking to expand my repertoire of skills. Mythology, Nature, folklore, Faery, and symbolism are my main inspirations.

In addition to visual art, I also play the Celtic harp, Native American style flute, and various other folk instruments. I love belly dance and am always seeking new classes and resources to improve. (I'm an amateur in both departments of music and dance, I assure you!).

I created this journal to house my personal ruminations on art in its various forms, mythology, Faery, Nature, religion, and other topics which are important to me. In many cases, it houses in-progress essays, but essentially every piece in this journal is open for change and revision. It may also include the occasional rant, product review, and/or recommendations if they also relate to such topics. Elsewhere on Livejournal I have an old account which is very seldom updated, and while it also contains my thoughts on those subjects, those entries are thoroughly intermixed with ones relating to the more shall we say mundane aspects of my life. By contrast, I want this journal to be a haven for my deeper musings I want them to have their own place free from my babbling frustrations. I also have another journal which is entirely devoted to my hand-crafted jewelry, phee_adornments.

Etsy: Your place to buy & sell all things handmade

· Artist Statement ·

Desirée Isphording a twenty-five year old artist who resides in the woodlands of eastern Pennsylvania among Sassafras and Tulip Poplars, near the shores of a lake frequented by Great Blue Herons, White-tailed Deer, and Muskrats.

Her lifelong interest in folklore, mythology, symbolism, and Nature have greatly influenced both the style and subjects of her work as well as providing a deeper context for her art practice. She has a particular passion for mythopoetic portraiture wherein she seeks to capture the muses of Faery, often translating their presence into theriomorphic figures. Interfacing between man and Nature, the creatures often appear to her as if on some intermediary point on that fluid mythic continuum between human and animal {fauna}, human and plant {flora}, human and representative pattern {persona}. Endeavoring to capture elusive, prismatic likenesses of equally elusive figures, she seeks traces of their presence in mythology, legend, poetry, her own intuition, and in the very landscape itself, hoping to discover some iridescent residue or threadbare tapestry with which to make contact.

Desirée's artwork also possesses something of its own dark aesthetic - there are threads of melancholy, sorrow, and subtle traces of a morbid fascination to be found by the observant throughout her work. The chthonic, arcane, and mysterious have long been inspirational companions, stirring her imagination and leading her to explore certain aspects of myth and symbolism through art.

To date her work has been featured on the Endicott Studio of Mythic Arts Blog, in the online poetry journal Goblin Fruit, within Epilogue’s New Masters of Fantasy volume III collection, in SageWoman and Pentacle magazines. Desiree’s pieces have also graced the covers of If...A Journal of Spiritual Exploration, PaganNet News, and the GypsyRose catalogue. Her artwork also appears on the cover of Harp, Pipe, and Symphony, a book by Paul DiFilippo.

· www.DesireeIsphording.com/: my official online gallery
· deviantART: my most frequently updated gallery
· The Print Shoppe: where you can purchase high-quality prints and postcards of my work
· Phée Adornments: Evoke the Otherworldly: my Etsy shop where I sell my original art, jewelry, and craft items
· {desideratum}: an archive (i.e. no longer updated) of my older writings and reviews

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