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Musings {from others} on Art & Nature

Just some interesting tidbits to share:

The moment I name it, it is no longer God, it is man, tree, green, black, red, soft, hard, long, short, atom, universe. One would readily agree with any theologian who deplores pantheism that these denizens of the world of verbiage and convention, these sundry "things" conceived as fixed and distinct entities, are not God. If you ask me to show you God, I will point to the sun, or a tree, or a worm. But if you say, "You mean, then, that God is the sun, the tree, the worm, and all other things?" - I shall have to say that you have missed the point entirely.
       - Alan Watts from The Wisdom of Insecurity

I think that artists fail by doing only one thing entirely or by showing only one side entirely. When a painting is only pretty and happy, like a Thomas Kinkade, it makes us sick. Conversely, all those artists so cool and hip doing work that is entirely dark and violent are losing a lot of power to their work by not including some of the other side. There can be much more power in something subtle.
       - Mark Ryden from an interview in the Jan/Feb 2002 issue of Juxtapoz

I also thoroughly enjoyed Mark Ryden's artist statement Anima Mundi.

Earlier today I finished a ten query questionnaire for Pagan artists which will appear (hopefully at least in part) in the upcoming issue of PagaNet News. The questions deceptively appeared as general and simplistic, yet I found myself pondering them until I fell asleep late last night. I think I did a satisfactory job of answering them without the advantage of more time to devote to pouring out a personal artistic manifesto. I intend to post that mini-interview here sometime in the future.

....Andrew wrote to me today and said that last night he saw the dazzling aurora borealis. I looked at the sky on this very chilly night, but, alas did not see them myself.
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