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Spirit Doe

I was feeling somewhat poetic today :) I suppose this is one of my very few attempts at poetry over the past year or so that has not been haiku.

Spirit Doe - 2/10/05

Sleek, tawny hind meandering through the mists of a long-lingering dawn:
She trails her garment over the softly creased hillside,
a fine veil drifting into the valleys like the bridal train of some high medieval noblewoman
stitched with pale Bloodroot, laced with dew-beaded spiders' webs.

They are of the same fabric:
twisting, weaving through gnarled branches,
the cloth of high marsh grass whispering to itself

Her foot falls (her hoof falls) leaving the clarity of water-rounded riverbed stones
in a swath of silk.

Spirit Doe in the morning:
crafting her tapestry of landscape threads -
warp and weft, time and space
glimmering, then vanishing
in the growing light.

Sorry for the lack of posts and website updates. Although I have an essay or two in the works and the desire to work on personal art projects, school is keeping me quite busy these days (and I suspect it will continue to do so until the end of the semester).

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Tags: faery, nature, poetry

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