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Discovered in a biography about Terri Windling and her art at The Endicott Studio:
“My desert paintings are rarely illustrative of any single folk tale, but of generations of stories, layered one on top of the other—the mingled stories of indigenous and immigrant groups, woven together, affecting each other.” Though each of these paintings is a portrait of a figure who lives somewhere in the interstices between reality and myth, they are also embodiments of the landscape, its harsh beauty and its mystery. “I think of myself as a landscape painter of sorts, even though my work is figurative, because each figure embodies my feelings about a particular piece of land, at a particular time of day. To me, the land and the myths that it contains are inseparable.”
I can relate a great deal to these thoughts, although the landspirits I'm attempting to depict are not native to the Sonoran desert.

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