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Haiku and Columcille


a big blue button
slightly deeper shade of sky -
the water tower

similar contours
these pale clouds and this bright green
canopy of leaves


8 o'clock and the
sky is already hazy -
a dog day ahead

elegantly draped
electrical cables seem
like spiderweb strands


little finch darts in
and out of the chain link fence
as it would a shrub

A few weeks ago Andrew and I had the pleasure of visiting Columcille Megalith Park in Bangor, PA. An acquiaintance, who was surprised that I had not been aware of its existence earlier, just recently told me about this place (even Andrew and his family who live less than a half an hour's drive from the park were unaware if it!) and out of curiousity we decided to investigate. Our curiousity definitely paid off and other than the biting flies it was quite enjoyable.

It's difficult to adequately describe what Columcille is....I suppose "Megalith Park" suffices since it refers to the most notable physical characteristics of the preserve, but more than that it is a prime location where people have sought to co-create art with the sentient landscape around them. The most obvious examples are the large standing stones, the stone circle, and stone chapels that dot the property, but if you hike the trails you will discover more subtle evidence of artistic interaction. While a passing glance might show a typical forest scene, a closer look will reveal miniature circles of rocks and pebbles, small stone cones and spires, and tiny dolmens. Small, delicate architecture is balanced between tree roots and laced along the walking trails. Stone certainly seems to be the preferred medium for this expression though despite scale considerations. Although some of the deep forest masonry was planned beforehand and completed over a few years, I believe many of the smaller contributions are simply those people felt the desire (or need) to spontaneously create, like offerings. Although these tiny earthworks are much more humble than some of his creations, I think Andy Goldsworthy would feel quite at home at Columcille :-)

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