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Impressions of Faery

This is originally a response to a post over at mythicfaery (here it is in its original context). I'm adding it to my personal journal for safekeeping and perhaps to expand upon it later.

I draw largely upon my own personal experiences and impressions of the fey within my own work. This is largely due to the fact that my more recent faery work is inspired by local land/nature spirits, and, to my knowledge, there exists no compendium of mythology directly related to them for me to reference, so my own impressions are all I have to work with.

I find that my own experiences with the fey are difficult to describe. I have yet to physically see a faery in humanoid form appear before me (although I don't necessarily think that faeries always manifest physically as human-like, which is supported by both mythology and UPG), but I do believe I have sensed their presence on numerous occasions. Many of my impressions derive from simply being immersed in a certain landscape or location and being perceptive of its qualities and characteristics. I take in its sensual aspects, i.e. the colors, textures, scents, sounds, local wildlife, weather, etc., and I also try to get a deeper sense of the energy and consciousness of that specific area, and from those perceptions I create my art. I believe that such sensitive immersion and appreciation often facilitates nonverbal communication with the fey that reside there.

The Mayapples (Podophyllum peltatum) are blooming! The verdant spikes of hostas have now unfurled, bursting into lush foliate mounds. The bitter greens and dusky reds of early spring are just starting to deepen.
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