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Flora, Fauna, Persona
the art & writing of Desirée Isphording
The White Doe Speaks 
14th-Jul-2008 06:44 pm
A number of months ago a poet shared a piece with me that was inspired by one of my drawings. As the Fates would have it, I was lucky enough to check my junk mail folder that day, otherwise it would have been lost to me among the oblivion of dross which normally (and thankfully) gets sorted into that location. I expressed my gratitude and appreciation for the beautiful words and asked if I might be able to post his piece along with my image somewhere. Unfortunately, I did not hear back from him (maybe my letter to him was gobbled up by his own spam filter, or perhaps he did reply and the Fates chose not to favor me a second time).

Perhaps the time was just not right, but with the new Summer 2008 edition of Goblin Fruit, the White Doe speaks:
I pull the landscape
into folds across my back,
a kimono of land and water.
To feel a leaf with one shoulder
or tree roots buried in earth
is a sacred thing
and cannot be imagined.

- spoken through the grace of Joshua Gage

I'd also like to take this opportunity to join the editors of Goblin Fruit in saying a fond farewell to The Endicott Studio which has been nurturing mythopoetic arts for the number of years as there are letters in my full name (a figure which also coincides with the day of my birth). I am too poor a writer to properly express how influential and inspirational the Endicott Studio has been for me, and I will miss it sorely. Thank you Terri and Midori!
17th-Jul-2008 07:42 pm (UTC) - I'm glad you enjoyed it...
Thank you for your kind words about my poem, as well as the image itself. I never received your e-mail back, so I'm glad to know that you've read the poem and liked it.

Thank you,
Joshua Gage
27th-Jul-2008 01:56 pm (UTC) - Another poem sent...

I wanted to warn you that I just sent another poem to your e-mail address based on "All Underneath the Eildon Tree", so keep a lookout in your junk mail folder.

I've added your e-mail to my address book, so I should get your response this time!

Joshua Gage
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